Enjoy Your Holiday at Tuusniemi, by the Lake Rikkavesi!

We offer to rent all year round three holiday accommodations which are situated in a beautiful nature within a distance of 1 km from each other. All houses are provided with modern equipment and there is room also for bigger groups.

You can enjoy the nature and even listen to the ripple of rapid Kaavinkoski. On a sunny summer day you can lie in the sun and now and then go to cool off in the waves of the lake. Every house has its own beach. In autumn you can find mushrooms and berries in the neighbourhood.

The nearest shops are located 15 minutes' drive away, at Kaavi or Tuusniemi. The town of Outokumpu lies about 40 minutes' drive away. If you want to spend a shopping day, it takes about one hour to drive to Kuopio or Joensuu.

In winter the nearest ski resort you can find at Tahko (one hour's drive).

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