Terms of booking

The booking pay is 15 % of the total rent. The final installment must be paid at the latest 20 days before the start of the holiday.

If the departure cleaning, 100 euros, and linen, 12 euros/person, were ordered in advance, they will be added to the final bill.

All prices include taxes.

Cancellation of booking

All cancellations must be made in writing to the owner.

If the booking is cancelled or changed later than 21 days before the arrival, the guarantee fee will not be refunded.

The total fee is charged if the booking is changed or cancelled later than mentioned above, likewise if the customer never shows up.

Stay at destination

The accommodation is available from 16.00 on the arrival day until 12.00 noon on the day of departure.

The rent entitles to stay in the holiday home the booked time. The normal energy expenses, furniture, crockery, dishes, mattresses, pillows and quilts include the price, likewise the firewood.

In summer the rowing boat is available for the customers.

The linen and departure cleaning are not covered in the fee. These can be ordered separately from the owner.

If you want occasionally invite more people to the holiday home (e.g. feasts) you must  agree with the owner in advance.

The tents and caravans are prohibited without permission from the owner.

Smoking and pets are prohibited indoors.

Any objections and complaints regarding the destination must be immediately made to the owner.

Handover of the destination

The customer will hand over the destination and keys by 12 noon on the day of departure. If the customer is going to leave some other time, he or she has to inform the owner and arrange the handover of the key and destination.

The destination must be tidy on departure. A separately ordered departure cleaning service rent does not cover dish-washing or garbage removal. The customer must return any moved furniture to their original place.

If you want to do the departure cleaning yourself, remember the following items: take the carpets outside and beat them, hoover and wash the floors, wash the dishes and place them where they were, wash the sauna and bathroom and take the waste to containers.

Customers are liable for any damages they cause to the destination property.